Waste Collection Prices

Capacity Yard Skip Labour time Charge
Min charge 1 <5 Mins £70
1/4 truck 4 30 Mins £140
1/2 truck 8 (1 Skip) 60 Mins £275
Full Truck 16 (2 Skips) 120 Mins £550

Please note that if the time on site exceeds the time allowance (outlined above), £30 per 30 minutes additional labour will be charged.

Heavy loads (e.g. brick / rubble / soil / hardcore) are charged by weight depending upon material removed. Our price for this type of clearance is £150.00 per tonne. 25 bags (builders sacks) =1tonne. We also offer a skip hire Reading service so if you want to hire a skip in the Reading area then get in touch with us for more details.

Waste Collection Size Examples

Waste Collection Prices in Reading

Small Load

Waste Collection Cost in Reading

Medium Load

Rubbish Collection Cost in Reading

Large Load

Price of Rubbish Collection in Reading

Extra Large Load

Supplemental Pricing

Supplement Price
Parking and parking fines as incurred
Hazardous Waste Note, rate per load (commercial premises only) £15
Computer monitor / TV / CRT (for multiple items call for discount) £10 (per unit)
Domestic fridge / aircon unit (for multiple items call for discount) £60 (per unit)
Commercial fridge / freezer (for multiple items call for discount) £100 (per unit)
Tyre (car) £20 (each)
Piano (upright / grand) £100 / £200
Calor Gas bottles (red or blue) £20 (each)
Mattresses £50 (each)

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Cancellation Fee

If you need to cancel or postpone your booking, please let us know as early as possible.

No charge applies if you give us at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise a £25 fee will be charged which we deduct from any subsequent collection charges.